Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Favorites

My Friday Favorites post last week was so popular, I decided to make it a regular feature. This week I am excited to feature some more of my hearted items from Etsy.

Last night was a long one in my house. Our one year old chocolate lab must have gotten into something pretty nasty because we had one sick puppy, which translated into one frustrated hubby, and a very sleepless night.

So as I sit at work today (shhhhhh don't tell them I'm blogging at work!), I find myself attracted to those items in my favorites that give me a sense of calm and a sense of style, the two things that make me happy in life (ok and wine too). Take a peek...

"Butterfly Kisses Recipe Wristlet"
Seller: OllieBollen
Price: $11.00

"Elemental Floral Pillow Covers - (2) 12 x 16"
Seller: simplicityinteriors
Price: $20.00

"Winona Clutch - Bisque Tweed"
Seller: SewMo
Price: $30.00

"Bowl Celadon"
Seller: utilemud
Price: $14.00

Thanks to all of you for making me feel a bit relaxed after a very restless night. :)


  1. Wow, I love those Floral Pillow Covers! Now I wish I had a room they'd match in! :)

  2. Thanks so much for posting my Butterfly Kisses Recipe Wristlet! You're a sweetie! Hope you have a great weekend...and can get some sleep!!!

  3. I love that bowl! Very pretty items!

  4. Love it all. The recipe wristlet is a trip.

  5. Ooh, nice stuff!


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