Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Favorites

I love hearting things on Etsy. When I first started I was hesitant to heart many items in fear that I'd get overwhelmed when trying to buy something. However, I love browsing the hundred or so items I have favorited when I have a few extra bucks or just really want to look at a variety of items that are really "me."

I've decided to share a few of my favorites with you today. These items come from really amazing Etsy shops, all of which deserve to be recognized for their hard work and amazing products.

"Poppies Stemless Wine Glasses - Set of 4"
Seller: marywibis
Price: $60.00

"Grow - Handbuilt Dish - Soapdish"
Seller: mudhutt
Price: $21.00

"Chocolate Lab - Walk with Me - Pup Cup"
Seller: thelab
Price: $10.00

"Fall Ribbons - 5x7 Print"
Seller: Emmalynne
Price: $10.00

"Reusable Sandwich Snack Bags"
Seller: UldeYrth
Price: $7.00

"Cherry Quartz Glass - Pearls and Stearling Earrings - Daquiri"
Seller: Balanced
Price: $14.00

Thank you all for giving me such wonderful items to heart!

I hope everyone has a great weekend..I'm off to photograph my first wedding..yikes! Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Art of Crochet

Crochet is really popular on Etsy. Crocheted items take a lot of time and effort and the end product is usually something that is not only beautiful, but practical. Funnyface12345 has found ways to make her products both of these. Many of her items are eco-friendly, and extremely practical such as the soap saver she generously donated for our giveaway this week. Here are some more of my favorite items, and I thank Funnyface12345 for stepping out of the crowd and showing me her wonderful shop.

Cotton Bath Puff
Price: $6.00

3 Crochet Dish/Wash Clothes, Pink and White, Eco-Friendly

Price: $10.00

Picnic Placemats, Eco Friendly, Blue and White
Price: $25.00

5-Piece Lime Green and White Kitchen Set, Eco Friendly
Price: $25.00

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Winner!

Congratulations to Etsy seller BareMoose for being this week's Tuesday Trivia winner!! BareMoose wins a soap saver generously donated from seller funnyface12345. BareMoose sells handmade jewelry, with many of her items featuring those ever-so-sparkly Swarovski crystals. Her selection of bracelets and necklaces incorporate so many pretty colors and many have free shipping. I'm happy to feature this great shop as our Wednesday Winner. Here are some of my favorites:

"Swarovski Crystal Pink and Crystal 3 Strand Triangle Beauty"
Price: $65.00

"Pink Awareness Cause Bracelet"
Price: $19.00

"Dark Blue Swarovski Crystal Style Bracelet"
Price: $27.00

"Appreciate Necklace"
Price: $15.95

"Victorian Elegance Fuschia and Pink Swarovski Crystal Necklace"
Price: $18.00

Thank you to everyone who played this week. We had a total of five participants. Please check out their shops!

JewelsofIndia - Authentic handmade jewelry from India
42PurpleElephants - Jewelry
CRSisters - Garden, Crocheted, Household Items
Fabric4you - Fabric and Sewn Goods

Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks again to funnyface12345 for donating this week's awesome prize. Check back next Tuesday for another great contest!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Trivia!

Its time again for Tuesday Trivia!! If you're a fan of the crocheted arts, today's prize is perfect for you! Etsy seller funnyface12345 has generously donated one of her soap savers...quite an innovative idea if you ask me! This handy item can be used to keep soap from slipping all over your counters or tub, and can also be used as a body scrubber. Funnyface 12345 is offering your choice of lavender or light blue.

Here's how to play!

1. Convo me via etsy (ktpapercrafts) or email me at with the answer to my question.
2. All correct entries will be entered for the prize, and the winner will be drawn at random.
3. Entries must be received by 11:59pm PST on Tuesday.
4. Correct entries and the winner will be announced and featured on the blog on Wednesday, with their shop name included if they are Etsy sellers.
5. The contest is open to all readers, you do not have to sell on Etsy to win!

Here's this week's question:

Funnyface12345 lists some eco friendly items in her shop. Name one of these items!

Good luck! The winner will be announced tomorrow!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Blog Ads

In the spirit of highlighting other Etsy shops, I've decided to offer some ad space on my blog. Ads will run along the side of the blog and you may choose how long you would like it to be featured. Please email me at for pricing and details. I promote my blog almost daily and get quite a few visitors, so this would be some great exposure for your shop!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just Listed!

It has been awhile since I have been able to really sit down and come up with some new ideas. I just completed a huge special order, (300 wedding menus, my first big order!), my very first, and I finally have had some time to sit and just work for a little bit. I wanted to share with you some of my newest creations as we head into the weekend. My husband and I are headed up the coast for a mini-vacation as we celebrate our second wedding anniversary. I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful and safe weekend!

Personalized Note Pad

Price: $4.00

Circle of Fun Thank You Cards - Set of 4
Price: $5.oo

Summer Fun Gift Tags - Set of 5
Price: $2.00

Going Green Gift Tags - Set of 5
Price: $2.00

And here are some other just listed items from other Etsy sellers!

Art Deco Ivy Green Floral Lucite Dangle Bracelet
Seller: DreamboatAnnies
Price: $7.99

Red Raincoat Print
Seller: EllaBlue
Price: $22.00

Moda Fresh Posie Lime Paisley Dish Towels - Set of 2
Seller: MMH Designs
Price: $15.99

Bloom Cushion Cover
Seller: 1000roads
Price: $35.00

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Correction

A few weeks ago I posted some great news about Etsy seller stoopher and her amazing shirts for Sarah Jessica Parker's new twin girls. In my post I indicated that the twins were wearing the shirts in a picture that I posted along with the article. It has come to my attention that it is not clear if the girls are wearing the shirts in the picture which I posted. I apologize for any confusion, and again congratulate stoopher!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its Fabric...for You!

This weeks Tuesday Trivia prize was generously donated from Etsy seller fabric4you. I first met Angie from fabric4you when she entered my contest last week. I mentioned in conversations with her that my mom sews and would love her amazing fabrics. As it turned out my mom has been buying from her for some time now and they are Etsy friends! Small world!

Its been a real pleasure getting to know fabric4you over the past two weeks. Its always a treat to not only find a shop you really like, but to connect with the seller as well.

Fabric4you has so many great things to offer. Whether you're a sewer looking for some really fun novelty fabrics, or someone looking for a little treat for themselves or a friend, this shop has something for everyone. This shop makes me wish I knew how to sew. There are so many fun patterns and fabrics and I know really fun things will come from those who shop here. Here are some of my favorites!

"Leap Frog Purse Size Travel Tissue Holder - Happy Frogs Fabric"
Price: $2.50

"Purse Size Travel Tissue Holder - Martini Cocktails Boat Drinks Fabric"

Price: $2.50
"Wine Bottle Quilt Fabric - Michael Miller - Bottles, Corks, Corkscrews"
Price: $5.00

"Basketball Sewing Fabric - Cotton Sports Basketballs Quilt Yardage - Shamash Sons"
Price: $6.50

"Rainbow Musical Notes Quilt Fabric - I Spy Neon Music Note Yardage - Shamash and Sons"

Price: $4.00

Thanks again for participating this week Angie. Its been a treat to meet such a great fellow Etsian. Keep up the great work!

Wednesday Winner!

Congratulations to Etsy seller mysticwynd, this week's Tuesday Trivia winner!

Mysticwynd is a maker of jewlery who's hope is that her products will help buyers find and appreciate their inner selves. The variety in this shop is amazing with everything from earrings to bracelets, jewelry sets to brooches and pins. Within each section you will find a selection of very different items in the hope that at least one will speak to who you really are.

In this fashion, I've chosen some items from mysticwynd's shop that really spoke to me. Check out her amazing work, and be sure to visit her shop to find what speaks to you.

For the Classy Me
"Golden Delicious Graduated Bead Necklace"
Price: $15.00

For the Flirty Me
"Tropical Compliment Earrings"
Price: $8.00

For the Trendy Me
"Sunrise Sunset Agate Pendant with Necklace"
Price: $28.00

For the Everyday Me

"Amazing Amazonite Earrings"
Price: $17.00

For the Party Girl in Me
"Sunset-Tini on the Rocks Bracelet"
Price: $12.00

Thanks to everyone who played Tuesday Trivia this week, and a very special thanks to fabric4you for donating this week's prize! If you have something you would like to donate for the Tuesday Trivia prize, please convo me through Etsy (ktpapercrafts) or email me at

Check out the awesome shops from this week's participants!

musicalkitten - Guitar Pick Jewelry
DesignsbyKari - Jewelry
PonderandStitch - Sewn Goods
apillustration - Shop Opening Soon!

Thanks again everyone!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Trivia!

Here we go again! Its time for another round of Tuesday Trivia!

This week's prize has been graciously donated from Etsy seller fabric4you. It is a gorgeous tissue cover made of Vera Bradley Pink Elephant fabric. Measuring approximately 3.5 inches x 5 inches, this is a perfect and stylish way to carry your tissues!

Want to win it? Its easy to play! Here are the rules:

1. Convo me via etsy (ktpapercrafts) or email me at with the answer to my question.
2. All correct entries will be entered for the prize, and the winner will be drawn at random.
3. Entries must be received by 11:59pm PST on Tuesday.
4. Correct entries and the winner will be announced and featured on the blog on Wednesday, with their shop name included if they are Etsy sellers.
5. The contest is open to all readers, you do not have to sell on Etsy to win!

And here is this weeks question:

Fabric4you lists one item based on a popular board game. Which board game is it and on which item is it found?

Good luck! Ill post the winner tomorrow!

Monday, July 20, 2009

One Yummy Review!

A few weeks ago I wrote a delicious post about some of the yummy treats on Etsy. One of the featured sellers, BlissCandies, generously offered to send me a sample of the truffles I featured. After absolutely no hesitation, I accepted the offer and anxiously awaited my treats.

This was the first time I've ever ordered food off of the internet, so I must say my expectations weren't extremely high. However, when I popped the first of the six beautifully decorated truffles into my mouth, I literally almost fell out of my seat. With no exaggeration whatsoever, they were melt in my mouth A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. They were gone in three minutes, and the poor truffles didn't stand a chance.

Also included in my little gift was one of these caramel candies. I was so excited about my truffles, that I forgot about the vanilla caramel candy until my husband discovered it on the kitchen counter. Now, my husband is not a fruits and veggies kind of guy. He likes his sweets. He's judgmental about what is good and what is not. Here's how the caramel candy played out.

Husband: Hey! What's this! Are you holding out on me?
Wifey: Oh yeah! I forgot about the candy they gave us!
Husband: ::crinkle crinkle, chomp:: HOLY CRAP! This is amazing! Can you order a pound of this stuff?

Congrats, BlissCandies, you got the husband stamp of approval, quite a feat in my house.

Check out BlissCandies' other amazing treats, and be sure to stop by their shop. They've definitely found a few new customers in our house!

"CARAMEL-icious Dipped Oreos with Callebaut Chocolate Caramel - 6 Cookies"
Price: $7.50

"Macaroon COMBO PACK - 4 Chocolate Fudge and 4 Coconut Almond Cookies"
Price: $9.50

"Chewy Fudge Brownies and Cookie Dough Sandwiches - 8 Servings"
Price: $11.95

"THE PRESIDENTIAL Gourmet Turtle Brownies - Caramel, Chocolate, Pecans - 2 Pounds"
Price: $18.95


Thursday, July 16, 2009

For the Modern Mom in You

When Kristen from modmomME asked to donate an item to my Tuesday Trivia I was thrilled because it meant I got the chance to feature this amazing shop. I'm not a mom quite yet, but the things sold in this store make me want to be one even more just so I have a better excuse to buy her products. This shop is all about taking the "frumpy mommy" theory and throwing it out the window. With the products from modmomME, you really can be a modern and stylish mom.

As featured in this week's Tuesday Trivia contest, my favorite are Kristen's Dispose a Diaper Bags. These are her own creation, and seriously pure genius. Set on a keychain, they are the perfect size to tuck away the small plastic disposable diaper sacks to dispose the diaper in. They are handy, they are stylish, and look just like a wallet. Here is my favorite from her large selection.

"Dispose a Diaper Bag/Keychain (Turqoise Green/Paisley)"
Price: $8.50

And here are some other great items from modmomME's shop:

"Paci Clip (soccer)"
Price: $5.00

"Bib Clip"
Price: $5.95

"Nursing Cover (Teal and Green)"
Price: $21.75

"Key Fob (Key Chain) Pink and Green" - I have to be a mommy for this? Because I love it!
Price: $6.00

Also, check out modmomME's fun and very colorful blog.

Thanks for sharing your shop with me Kristen, I can't wait to be a regular customer!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


In my post this morning I forgot to mention Emily, who also played the Tuesday Trivia game. I'm so sorry, and feel terrible about it!

Check out Emily's fun blog about her very first pregnancy. The URL is hilarious so I will post it in full:

Congrats on your first Emily and thanks for checking out my blog!

Wednesday Winner!

Congratulations to Etsy BUYER LillyT for winning this week's Tuesday Trivia Contest! Its great to see buyers and sellers alike participating in the game. LillyT will win her choice of Dispose a Diaper Bags from modmomME's shop!

Thanks to everyone who played this week, we had a total of 9 on-time entries, 5 of which were from Etsy shop owners. Please be supportive and check out their beautiful shops!

fabric4you - Fabrics
justshana16 - Sewn Goods
iamalive - Photography
vintagebroochco - Pendants and Brooches from Vintage Jewelry
AudreysCountryCrafts - Totes, Candles, Paper Goods, and More

Also many thanks to Etsy buyers babalisme, simplyjustwonderful (shop opening soon!), apillustration (shop opening soon!), and Heidi for playing the game this week.

If you have an item you'd like to donate as our Tuesday Trivia prize, just convo me in Etsy (KTPaperCrafts) or email me at

Congrats again to LillyT!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Trivia!

After a week's break, Tuesday Trivia is back! Are you a mom, or know someone who is or is soon to be? This week's prize is perfect for the mommies out there, and can be used as an amazing gift for a mom you might know! Donated from Etsy seller ModMomMe, these Dispose a Diaper Bags are seriously genius. Now you can travel with baby, but still be in style when the inevitable happens. ModMomMe has offered to give this week's winner his or her choice of any Dispose a Diaper Bag in her shop. Here are a few examples but she has plenty more to choose from!

Here are the rules!

1. Convo me via etsy (ktpapercrafts) or email me at with the answer to my question.
2. All correct entries will be entered for the prize, and the winner will be drawn at random.
3. Entries must be received by 11:59pm PST on Tuesday.
4. Correct entries and the winner will be announced on the blog on Wednesday, with their shop name included if they are Etsy sellers.
5. The contest is open to all readers, you do not have to sell on Etsy to win!

Here is this week's question!

There are a few sports related items in ModMomME's Etsy shop. Name at least one of them, telling me the item, and the sport.

Good luck!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

Sorry for the long block of time without posts, although I do have to admit, I'm not toooo sorry because I was off on vacation! Every summer my girlfriends and I pack our bags, and our significant others too, and head to camp on Great Sacandaga Lake in Upstate New York. The week was exactly what we all needed..plenty of R&R, beverages, swimming, and good times with friends. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the week!

Today promises to be a bit crazy at work, but I promise, Tuesday Trivia will be back tomorrow and we will get back to our regularly scheduled program of highlighting the amazing handmade work of fellow Etsians!
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