Thursday, July 16, 2009

For the Modern Mom in You

When Kristen from modmomME asked to donate an item to my Tuesday Trivia I was thrilled because it meant I got the chance to feature this amazing shop. I'm not a mom quite yet, but the things sold in this store make me want to be one even more just so I have a better excuse to buy her products. This shop is all about taking the "frumpy mommy" theory and throwing it out the window. With the products from modmomME, you really can be a modern and stylish mom.

As featured in this week's Tuesday Trivia contest, my favorite are Kristen's Dispose a Diaper Bags. These are her own creation, and seriously pure genius. Set on a keychain, they are the perfect size to tuck away the small plastic disposable diaper sacks to dispose the diaper in. They are handy, they are stylish, and look just like a wallet. Here is my favorite from her large selection.

"Dispose a Diaper Bag/Keychain (Turqoise Green/Paisley)"
Price: $8.50

And here are some other great items from modmomME's shop:

"Paci Clip (soccer)"
Price: $5.00

"Bib Clip"
Price: $5.95

"Nursing Cover (Teal and Green)"
Price: $21.75

"Key Fob (Key Chain) Pink and Green" - I have to be a mommy for this? Because I love it!
Price: $6.00

Also, check out modmomME's fun and very colorful blog.

Thanks for sharing your shop with me Kristen, I can't wait to be a regular customer!


  1. I just saw these cute little items featured elsewhere, but I cant for the life of me remember where! So cute and practical!

  2. great stuff! Hey you got an award on my blog. Go check it out! :)


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