Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its Fabric...for You!

This weeks Tuesday Trivia prize was generously donated from Etsy seller fabric4you. I first met Angie from fabric4you when she entered my contest last week. I mentioned in conversations with her that my mom sews and would love her amazing fabrics. As it turned out my mom has been buying from her for some time now and they are Etsy friends! Small world!

Its been a real pleasure getting to know fabric4you over the past two weeks. Its always a treat to not only find a shop you really like, but to connect with the seller as well.

Fabric4you has so many great things to offer. Whether you're a sewer looking for some really fun novelty fabrics, or someone looking for a little treat for themselves or a friend, this shop has something for everyone. This shop makes me wish I knew how to sew. There are so many fun patterns and fabrics and I know really fun things will come from those who shop here. Here are some of my favorites!

"Leap Frog Purse Size Travel Tissue Holder - Happy Frogs Fabric"
Price: $2.50

"Purse Size Travel Tissue Holder - Martini Cocktails Boat Drinks Fabric"

Price: $2.50
"Wine Bottle Quilt Fabric - Michael Miller - Bottles, Corks, Corkscrews"
Price: $5.00

"Basketball Sewing Fabric - Cotton Sports Basketballs Quilt Yardage - Shamash Sons"
Price: $6.50

"Rainbow Musical Notes Quilt Fabric - I Spy Neon Music Note Yardage - Shamash and Sons"

Price: $4.00

Thanks again for participating this week Angie. Its been a treat to meet such a great fellow Etsian. Keep up the great work!


  1. good stuff! ;0) I like the froggie one and the musical notes one the bestest ;) Thank you for sharing Fabric4you with us !:0)


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