Monday, August 31, 2009

Signing Off

It is with a VERY heavy heart that I let you all know that I have decided to stop The Etsian for awhile, maybe forever. I need to know my limits, and my day job and home life are suffering because I just have too much going on, so I need to cut back.

In its short little run, I think The Etsian has done very well and I have had a ball featuring so many great shops and running Tuesday Trivia. Thank you to all of you who have read the blog and participated in the contest every week. Maybe I'll be back in a few months, but for now, I have to focus my energy in other places.

Thanks again for reading everyone, its been really fun!



  1. Hope to see you later in the year. I think a lot of us can relate to being stretched too thin at times. Best wishes!

  2. Good for you! Sometimes you just have to say NO! Have a great break from the Etsian!

  3. I will miss you. Best of luck to you with everything else you do! :)


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